HOW DOES IT WORK?Any operator, any technology. If it’s connected to the internet, the Multipath router will combine it into a single internet connection. Combine your DSL, Cable, 3G, 4G, Cell Phone, Mi-Fi into a single super fast, super reliable connection!

Use any combination of technologies. If it provides an internet connection the Multipath router will add it’s speed and reliability to all your other connections. Even better if each link is from a different operator. If one operator goes off line, you don’t. You lose a little speed, but you never drop a connection.


RELIABILITY: Never drop a Skype / Fring / Talkatone call again. Super reliable crystal clear VoIP calls. Using the Multipath router even a single VoIP call will get split across all your internet connections. If one or more of your operators go offline, the rest take up the slack, seamlessly, without dropping your call, without you even knowing.

SPEED: Is your current connection just not fast enough for high quality Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or AppleTV? Does your internet grind to a halt while others hog your bandwidth? Using the Multipath router you can add up to 4 slow connections to give you single super fast connection comfortably capable of streaming the latest hi def movies.

EXCLUSIVE ISP PARTNERS Exclusive partners in Ireland and the UK, Netcelero




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